U2 pays tribute to Begum Rokeya in their concert tour

The performance of U2 at the National Stadium in Singapore on December 1 has been by far one of the most anticipated topics on the internet and for the right reasons! Photos of the concert showed the band paying tribute to Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain and other legendary women of all generations.

As a part of The Joshua Tree tour, this is their first visit to South East Asia. In an article by Dhaka Tribune, drummer of Nemesis and Indalo, Dio Haque mentions how the ecstatic moment really moved him,

“While performing Ultraviolet they paid tribute to all trailblazing women of the world and Begum Rokeya was one of them. It was a great experience, a goosebumps moment.”

Dio Haque, Nemesis

Born on December 9th, 1880, Begum Rokeya Shakhawat Hossain, commonly known as Begum Rokeya was a progressive feminist thinker. She was ahead of her time who paved ways for many generations of women to come. Life as a woman is a constant battle, but trailblazing feminists like Begum Rokeya have made us realize that despite the struggles, there is always an end goal. Victories whether small or big, are celebratory.

Despite being brought up in an orthodox family and male-dominated environment, Begum Rokeya opened up to many options and let herself grow with education and seized every opportunity she could get. She founded the first school for Bengali Muslim women in Kolkata. She created the Muslim Women’s Association in order to support women education and create opportunities for them to build up a career through sustainable employment.

U2 pays tribute to Begum Rokeya and other revolutionary women of the world

“Why do you allow yourselves to shut up?’

‘Because it cannot be helped as they are stronger than women.’

‘A lion is stronger than a man, but it does not enable him to dominate the human race. You have neglected the duty you owe to yourselves and you have lost your natural rights by shutting your eyes to your own interests.”

Rokeya Rokeya in Sultana’s Dream

In a harsh world full of hate and flickering flames of feud, let us unite with the hopes of a better future. Let us fight for the right kind of reasons. Let us pick each other up instead of competing to see who we can put down.